‘Patient Zero’ Was A 18-Year-Old Boy From Los Gatos, California…

It all started one day when our Patient Zero’s father was finally at his wits end trying to treat his own oral health problems…

Despite going for regular visits to the dentist office, Patient Zero’s father just couldn’t manage to find a solution that would properly treat everything going on in his mouth (severe plaque accumulation that was causing bad breath, tartar formation, and worse).

His dad was sick of the quality of life he was living during that time.

Not only was he in pain, but he was also beginning to worry about his daily interactions in his personal and business life.

He had to do something, you know?

A Shocking Truth About Regular Toothpaste Was Uncovered

After some deep digging, Patient Zero’s dad discovered that the everyday tube of toothpaste in everyone’s bathroom cabinets simply does not work as well as people believe it does.

He found that over 200 million Americans experience some form of gum disease based on statistics from the CDC and the British Medical Journal…

This was extremely revealing that regular toothpaste just wasn’t cutting it as far as oral care goes for most people.

The Idea To Invent A Product That Would Work 250% Better Than Toothpaste Was Born

In 2009, Patient Zero’s father and his partner began formulating what we know today as LIVFRESH Dental Gel.

Since these were the earliest of its days, the dental gel was still in what was considered the “testing phase” and, at that time, had only been tested on Patient Zero’s dad and his partner.

How were they ever going to prove that this stuff actually worked apart from testing it on themselves?

That’s when Patient Zero stepped in to help.

Patient Zero: Who Was He And Why Was He Only 18 Years Old?

By now you’re probably wondering, “Why on earth was Patient Zero a 18-year-old?”

Well, Patient Zero was actually me.

You see, when my father, LIVFRESH Founder & CEO, Amit Goswamy, set out to invent the dental gel that would forever change the way people brush their teeth…

I was so eager to be a part of that journey.

So? I, at age 18, happily volunteered to be my dad’s first ever “patient”.

And the result?

Not only was I very likely the 18-year-old kid with the best smelling breath (and cleanest mouth) in my school…

I was living proof that the LIVFRESH Dental Gel we all know and love today is as safe and as effective as we claim it to be.

That’s because my father and his partner only used ingredients that their own families would feel comfortable brushing with—and yes, LIVFRESH still uses these safe ingredients to this day.

Honestly, if I had to go back and be Patient Zero all over again, especially knowing what I know now about how healthy my teeth and mouth are…

You bet I’d do it again.

Don’t just take it from me today, but take it from 18-year-old me from back then:

LIVFRESH is the most effective and safest dental gel on the market.


Hirsh Goswamy

Vice President