The World Health Organization reports that 125 million people have dental plaque issues worldwide. The United States accounts for 7.4 million of these cases. Removing plaque is necessary to keep tartar from forming since it's harmful to your teeth and overall dental health.

In most cases, regular visits to your dentist and using a plaque removing dental gel will give you excellent results; keeping plaque and tartar from forming. However, for those that do have hardened tartar on their teeth, it is important that you do not try and remove it on your own.

The Procedure Is Technical

There's are several reasons why you should visit a dentist every six months, including the removal of any plaque or tartar from your teeth that normal brushing and flossing didn’t get. If the Tartar becomes hardened it usually can't be removed without the use of special tools found in a dentist office. Dentists and Hygienists are experienced and trained on how to use those special tools to remove tartar from your teeth. An inexperienced person trying to remove tartar from their teeth using “DIY tools” could end up causing a lot of harm to their than good.

While trying to remove hardened tartar on your own, you could accidentally scrape away your teeth's protective layer of enamel. We’ve also heard of people scraping their teeth so hard they caused them to chip or crack.

Additionally, dental professionals will prepare your mouth before removing tartar. They clean your teeth, gums and if necessary, your tongue to ensure you don’t have any bacteria prior to removing the tartar. This helps prevent any infections that could occur.

Beyond Tooth Damage

Scraping plaque and tartar on your own can cause damage to your gums. While trying to remove plaque you may inadvertently cut into your gums. This will more than likely cause bleeding, and even worse, cause gum recession and potential infection. Such injuries may also predispose you to sensitivity to various drinks and beverages.

Your pursuit of clean teeth should not lead you to injure yourself, potentially causing long term damage. A skilled professional using the appropriate tools will ensure that none of the sensitive tissues or your teeth are injured.

Use a Tartar Removing Dental Gel

Plaque can turn into tartar in as little as 24 hours. While your first instinct may be to scrape away the tartar yourself between dentist visits (especially if you haven't been to see the dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic), this can put you at greater risk of injury, infection or decay. Instead of scraping away hardened plaque, try consistently using a tartar removing dental gel instead. A tartar removing dental gel like LIVFRESH can gently remove tartar from your teeth between dentist visits, so you don't need to worry about causing harm to your mouth.

Plaque is unavoidable, but you can fight back against plaque and tartar with LIVFRESH on your side. Consider using LIVFRESH alongside your regular toothbrush and flossing routine. To learn more about our plaque and tartar removing dental gel, contact us today.