5 Tips to Maintain Perfect Dental Health This Summer

The dog days of summer are officially here! While now is the best time to cut loose and relax by the pool, it's important not to get too lax with your dental health. It's not uncommon for summer fun to involve foods and drinks that can hurt your teeth.

That said, to keep the fun going, here are a few tips you can use to keep your mouth and teeth healthy all summer long without taking the fun out of the season.

Drink plenty of water

For many adults, summer involves drinking fruity cocktails and light beers. However, these drinks contain a lot of sugar and yeast. When the sugar and yeast from these beverages rest on your teeth throughout the day, they feed the bad bacteria in your mouth and put you at greater risk of cavities and cavity pain. Drinking water throughout the day instead of alcoholic beverages, sodas, and juice can not only keep bad bacteria at bay but it can also keep you well-hydrated.

Bring Your Plaque Removing Dental Gel With You As You Travel

Do you have travel plans with your family, friends, or coworkers this year? Maybe you’re going away for a couple weeks, or maybe you opted for the weekend getaway. Travel can be a very exciting time to forge new memories that will last a lifetime but no matter how long you will be away, it is very important to bring your critical dental health items with you. These items include your toothbrush, plaque removing dental gel, floss, and mouthwash.

If you are low on packing space, you can purchase small travel versions of these items to optimize your available space. This is especially useful when flying. You can find these smaller versions at an affordable price at any general store.

Another item that could be a useful addition to your dental health travel routine is a toothbrush case. This eliminates the wet plastic zipper bag that is bound to be full of bacteria by the end of your vacation.

Don’t Forget Your Dental Pick

As tedious as flossing can be, it is a crucial element of proper dental health. If you don’t floss then you run the risk of creating a thick plaque buildup between your teeth and gums. This plaque buildup can cause gingivitis, which then turns into gum disease, which can cause tooth loss.

Luckily gingivitis in the early stages is completely curable, with the help of proper dental care. A couple of items that can help you maintain a high level of oral health are tartar removing dental gel and dental picks.

Dental picks are great because of how convenient they are. You can bring them with you wherever you go so you’re prepared for a situation that requires immediate flossing such as after eating corn or sticky sweets.

Opt for in-season fruits and veggies

Instead of gravitating toward sugary foods and snacks this summer, opt for fruits and vegetables that are in season like strawberries, watermelon, cucumber, and tomatoes. These fruits and veggies are high in water content, which is great for helping you stay hydrated. They're also low in sugar, which can keep bad bacteria from causing tooth decay.

Protect your lips from UV rays

UV rays are strongest between 10 AM and 2 PM. While you're outside, make sure to wear sunscreen and to protect your lips with an SPF 15 Chapstick. Your lips are just as susceptible to burning as your skin and wearing SPF lip balm can help to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Don't chew on ice

Ice-cold water, lemonade, and coffee can help to keep you cool on a hot summer day. But when you're done with your drink, make sure not to chomp down on the leftover ice. Chewing ice is bad for your teeth and can cause chipping.

Stick to your routine

With long summer nights keeping us up late, it can be all too easy to mess up our dental routine. But it's important to stick with our routines to avoid tooth decay. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day because plaque will inevitably turn into tartar within the first 24 to 72 hours. Sticking to your routine and using a plaque removing dental gel can help to prevent tartar and cavities from forming.

Visit Your Dentist

The last dental health tip for the summer is to visit your dentist. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are of the utmost importance. Making and keeping appropriately timed dentist appointments every 3 - 6 months can ensure that you are on the right track with your dental health.

Continuous use of your tartar removing toothpaste will allow you to enjoy relatively easy dental checkups. Which is always a relief for anyone who dreads the dentist. If you follow correct dental health guidelines in your day to day, you won’t have to worry about the end results of dental checkups. Instead you’d be proud to stand out to your dentist with your immaculate teeth!

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