Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, stay at home orders and forced closures left many people without access to dental care. Now that most dental practices have reopened, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find a practice with availability. This has led to many adults and children putting off dental care longer than they should. Unfortunately, when it comes to the teeth, issues don’t just go away on their own. In fact, small problems can escalate very quickly without proper dental care.

Once cavities develop, they continue to grow in size. One cavity can turn into multiple cavities, weakening the tooth and making it brittle. Without treatment, the tooth may break or crack. As bacteria spreads to surrounding tissue, painful infections of the mouth and jaw can occur. Fortunately, cavities and other many dental problems can be prevented with good oral hygiene. This is especially important during the pandemic, as many of us have had to wait months to see our dentist.

Brush & Floss At Least Two Times Each Day

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day helps remove food particles left after eating. It also helps remove plaque before it turns into tartar. While brushing removes plaque from the front and back surfaces of the teeth, flossing removes plaque from between the teeth and underneath the gums.

It’s important to remember that flossing incorrectly can damage the gums, increasing the chance of gum disease. Instead of moving the floss straight up and down, proper flossing involves wrapping the floss in a “c” shape around the tooth and gently moving the floss up and down.

Brushing using a safe and effective dental gel like LIVFRESHhelp removes plaque from hard-to-reach places like between the teeth and under the gums. LIVFRESHT fights plaque at a molecular level, providing a close to a professional cleaning. Unlike traditional toothpaste which often contains harsh abrasives, this quality dental gel protects the teeth and remineralizes tooth enamel.

Drink Fluoridated Water

Drinking fluoridated water can help prevent tooth decay. A recent study by the American Dental Association found that fluoridated water prevents at least 25 percent of tooth decay in both children and adults. Although fluoridated bottled water exists, many communities add fluoride to their water systems, making fluoridated water accessible for most Americans.

Avoid Sugary or Acidic Foods

What we eat and drink has a major impact on the health of our teeth and gums. Consuming sugary foods regularly increases the chance of dental problems. Sugary foods aren’t just limited to candy and other sweets. Many processed foods also contain a lot of sugar.

Acidic foods and beverages wear away tooth enamel, making teeth more prone to sensitivity and cavities. Acidic foods can also change the appearance of the teeth. People that consume a lot of acidic foods like soft drinks and dried fruits tend to experience tooth staining or a yellowish discoloration of the teeth.

Although it’s important to brush and floss after eating or drinking, brushing immediately after consuming acidic foods can cause damage to the teeth. The acids in some foods and beverages weaken tooth enamel. Waiting an hour before brushing gives the mouth a chance to naturally wash away the acids and re-harden the enamel. Eating cheese immediately after consuming acidic foods can also help neutralize the acids in the mouth.

Maintain A Sparkling White Smile at Home

The stress of the pandemic has led to many unhealthy habits. Increased consumption of processed foods, soft drinks, and alcohol can cause unsightly stains on the teeth. Although rinsing with water immediately after consuming acidic foods can reduce some staining, it can’t prevent it altogether. As dentist practices remain open at limited capacity throughout much the country, many people worry about keeping their smile bright and healthy.

The LIVFRESH Mobile Whitening System allows users to whiten their teeth quickly and conveniently from the comfort of their home. This unique system uses smartphone-connected blue LED diode to accelerate the whitening process. Users achieve up to 8 shades whiter teeth when used daily. The Mobile Whitening System works on even tough stains caused by coffee, wine, and soft drinks. Unlike other whitening products which can irritate sensitive teeth, the Mobile Whitening System is specially designed for comfort. The system can be used safely on all teeth. The LIVFRESH Mobile Whitening System provides close to professional results and can be used at any time, from any location in the world.

Visit Your Dentist As Soon As Possible

In addition to ensuring proper dental hygiene at home, it’s important to visit the dentist as soon as possible. Regular check-ups help catch dental problems before they escalate. Although situations vary from state to state, many dental practices have begun seeing patients again.

Visiting the dentist might look a little different during this time. Most dental practices are following CDC and OSHA recommendations to keep staff and patients safe. Patients should call their dentist to learn about new procedures and requirements.

Anyone experiencing dental pain or other dental issues during the pandemic should seek care as soon as possible. Dental problems cause more than just pain; they can lead to life threatening infections. Individuals that cannot get a dentist appointment should visit their doctor or local emergency room for care. Doctors can assess the infection and prescribe antibiotics and pain killers until it’s possible to visit the dentist.


Many things have changed in the past year. The pandemic won’t last forever, and people will soon return to their regular dentist visits. Until that time, it’s crucial that Americans do all they can to care for their teeth at home. Developing good habits now not only helps protect teeth during the pandemic, but ensures a healthy mouth for years to come.

Brushing with a quality dental gel, flossing regularly, and avoiding sugary and acidic foods and beverages can go a long way towards a healthy smile. Using the LIVFRESHMobile Whitening System helps keep teeth sparkling white. Please contact us for more information about these products.