Scientists at Livionex Dental have developed a complete game-changer in oral care-- Brushing with our products-- LIVFRESH and LIVFREE Dental Gel-- is close to having a professional cleaning every day, and results in dramatically cleaner teeth.

Double blind clinical study trials at top US universities have shown that our dental gel improves teeth cleanliness in just weeks! All the ingredients are non-allergenic; free of harsh detergents, abrasives, or artificial flavors; and safe for both children and adults. 


Our plaque removing dental gel has been shown to clean teeth by removing plaque 250% better than a market leader. Double blind clinical studies at top US universities have shown that our dental gel improves teeth cleanliness in just weeks! LivFresh is free of harsh abrasives, parabens, and antimicrobials. It is safe for pets and humans of all ages, including children and pregnant women.

Years Of Research


They spent their own money and eventually raised millions in funding. They partnered with leading US universities, conducting research spanning 10 years and ultimately developed LIVFRESH — a solution to preventing & treating plaque build-up.

Our long-term goal is to find a solution to gum disease. While this requires years of extensive clinical trials to gain FDA approval, we truly hope that LIVFRESH will ultimately become the first product in the world to prevent and treat gingivitis and periodontitis. Our profits are used to further our research, so we greatly appreciate you being a customer and helping us improve oral health one mouth at a time.

Happy Brushing! :-)

At your next dentist appointment, fret not. LIVFRESH and LIVFREE Dental Gel assure you cleaner teeth and heaps of praise from your delighted dentist. Your dentist or hygienist can email us at, and we will setup a time to brief them on our technology and research. We will also be happy to give them professional access on our website, which will make them privy to our clinical studies, professional bulk pricing and more.