Proper oral care is important if you wish to prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues. But did you know that proper dental care is important to your overall health as well? Poor dental health has been linked to numerous medical conditions including heart disease, dementia, and respiratory ailments! Learning all we can about dental health is an important first step towards maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Once we understand the relationship between plaque and tartar, it becomes easier to prevent any oral health issuesand the resultant systemic complications.

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a sticky substance, caused by the combination of leftover food particles and saliva, that contains around 800 different species of bacteria; some of which secrete acids capable of damaging the tooth enamel. You can find plaque attaching itself all over the tooth surface, and along the gum line. If not properly removed, plaque can irritate the gums and contribute to tooth decay.

What is Tartar?

When plaque remains on the teeth for several days, it hardens to form dental calculus or tartar. This rough, porous substance cannot be removed at home. It takes special tools and an experienced dentist to properly remove tartar from teeth. Tartar can develop above or below the gum line. When it is below the gum line, it makes it more difficult for us to clean our teeth, which increases the likelihood of cavities and other dental issues. Tartar that forms above the gum line can lead to progressive gum disease. If not properly removed and treated in the early stages of gum disease, tartar can lead to the development of periodontitis.

Preventing Tartar Formation

Practicing good oral care habits and using the right products to “fight plaque” daily is the only way to prevent tartar formation. Tartar needs special measures to be removed. It can’t simply be brushed away with regular toothpaste. It takes the help of products like tartar removing dental gel and regular trips to the dentist to keep it at bay. Below are some ways that you can fight it off and maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

1. Brush Every Day

While tartar can still occur even if you brush your teeth every day with a plaque removing toothpaste, the severity and swiftness of the buildup will be considerably less with good home dental care. Plaque begins transforming into tartar within 24 to 72 hours, which means that neglecting your teeth for even a day can cause tartar buildup. The best way to combat it is to brush for a full two minutes twice a day, every day. You can use a fluoride free toothpaste or one that contains fluoride. Both will clean your teeth well.

2. Never Forget to Floss

It’s incredibly easy for plaque to get stuck between your teeth, and brushing won't always get it all out. It’s important to floss every day so that you remove any buildup that occurs in those small spaces. Leaving it there can cause severe tartar buildup between your teeth and make cleaning them even more difficult. This can also lead to serious problems with your gums.

3. Go to the Dentist Regularly

Regular cleanings from your dentist are a crucial part of fighting off tartar buildup. This is because they have the special tools that are needed to remove it from your teeth. If you do this regularly, the cleaning will be relatively easy. However, if you wait for too long, cleaning your teeth can become a longer and more painful experience. It is recommended that you have your teeth cleaned every six months.

4. Use Tartar Removing Dental Gel

Tartar removing dental gel is a product that can help to dissolve tartar that has built up on your teeth. It’s a nice fix in between dentist visits that is a step up from an average tartar removing toothpaste. It’s not a replacement for a professional cleaning, but it will help keep your teeth and gums healthier.

5. Regularly Use Mouth Wash

Antiseptic mouthwash helps wash away bacteria that can cause plaque. Plaque is what turns into tartar. This means that using mouthwash daily can help reduce your chances of serious tartar buildup. It’s also good for the overall health of your mouth. With these five tips you should have no problem fighting off tartar and keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Healthy teeth and gums equal less invasive dental work and less dental bills. Taking proper care of your mouth pays off over time, especially when you fight back against tartar. Unfortunately, brushing with traditional toothpaste isn’t always effective at removing plaque. This is because traditional toothpaste is ineffective at penetrating plaque, making it nearly impossible to clean hard-to-reach areas, including near the gums, in-between teeth, and in the nooks and crannies. Traditional toothpaste also uses abrasives and detergents which are only marginally effective. Since toothpaste does not break-up plaque and it can be difficult to clean hard-to-reach places, this can leave plaque along the gum line and between the teeth where cavities are common; causing bigger issues if plaque turns into tartar.

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