Diet plays an important role in our health and wellness. In addition to improving overall health, certain foods can help maintain our dental health as well. Although nothing can replace the benefits of brushing daily with a quality dental gel such as LIVFRESH, choosing the following foods can help improve your dental health.


Packed full of vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin K, and potassium, carrots make an excellent snack anytime of the day. While it’s common knowledge that carrots help with vision, many people don’t realize the benefits carrots provide our teeth.

Chewing a raw carrot helps remove plaque and massages the gums. The vitamins and minerals found in carrots help boost immune function and strengthen the gums and jaw. Unlike other foods, carrots provide a concentrated sources of vitamins, making them a quick and easy way to protect your dental health between brushing.


Although raisins were recently believed to cause cavities, new research suggests they might actually aid in the prevention of tooth decay. Raisins contain special chemicals that suppress the growth of oral bacteria associated with cavities and dental decay. While raisins are naturally sweet, this treat contains mostly glucose and fructose as opposed to cavity-causing sucrose.

Despite the potential benefits of eating raisins, any food left on your teeth can lead to tooth decay. It’s important to remember to brush twice a day using a quality dental gel.


Calcium helps keep bones and teeth healthy and strong. Eating just one ounce of cheese provides around 20% of the daily requirement for calcium. In addition to providing a sufficient amount of calcium, eating cheese can also help protect teeth and maintain dental health.

Eating cheese helps maintain the pH levels in your mouth by increasing the flow rate of saliva. This helps fight dental decay after eating. All it takes is one-third of a slice of cheese per serving to receive the dental benefits of this wonderful food.


Berries provide numerous vitamins and minerals. Unlike darker berries which can stain the teeth, strawberries act as a natural tooth whitener. The teeth whitening power of strawberries comes from malic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid commonly found in skin care products.

It’s important to remember to floss after eating strawberries to remove any seeds stuck between your teeth.


Chemical compounds found in raw onions kill six types of bacteria linked to tooth decay and gum disease. Although onions provide an effective way to protect the teeth, the bad breath they cause could create a problem in social situations. Chewing sugar-free gum after eating raw onions increases saliva production, helping to freshen the breath and rinse away harmful acids that could lead to tooth decay.

Eating a healthy diet that contains the foods mentioned above can help maintain your dental health. However, it’s important to remember that no food can replace brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist at least twice a year.

Brushing daily with LIVFRESH Dental Gel helps remove plaque quickly and efficiently. This quality dental gel is safer and more effective than toothpaste, making it an excellent choice for children, adults, and seniors.

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