We have repeatedly heard from dental professionals and customers that their teeth “feel much cleaner in the mornings” when they brush with one of our dental gels (LIVFRESH, and LIVFREE). We are excited to announce that a new published study now confirms this observation.

This study shows that after a single brushing at night with our dental gel, users showed significantly cleaner teeth in the morning (as compared to the market leader toothpaste). Teeth were even cleaner after users brushed with our dental gel a second time in the morning.

This peer-reviewed research article discusses the results of a double-blind crossover study at the renowned Beckman Laser Institute at University of California at Irvine. Crossover studies are considered the most rigorous types of studies because the same person acts as their own control. Teeth cleanliness using one product is compared to the same person’s level of teeth cleanliness when they use the second product.

This study is consistent with other double-blind studies, all of which show the overwhelming benefits of brushing with our dental gel as compared to the leading toothpaste brands.