The American Dental Association recommends you visit your dentist approximately once every six months for a regular cleaning. These cleanings are important, but did you know that your dentist is doing more than just cleaning your teeth during your dental visit? While your appointment may be called a “cleaning,” you are also undergoing a dental exam to closely inspect your oral health. Here are a few benefits of these routine visits:

Avoid Gum Problems With Routine Dental Visits

Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that hold your teeth in place and is typically caused by poor brushing and flossing habits. Gum disease is far more common than you would think. Up to 47.2% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of gum disease.

If there are traces of blood when you brush your teeth, it may be a sign that you need to re-evaluate your current oral care routine. This is sometimes a sign of gum disease, and you can avoid it by taking the following actions:

    • Brush at least twice daily and floss after every meal because plaque starts to build up just four hours after you brush your teeth.
    • Use a dental gel that fights and removes plaque, keeping both your teeth and gums healthy.
    • Change your toothbrush once every three months to make sure that you are brushing with strong bristles.
    • Regardless of age, schedule dentist appointments every six months. These appointments will help consistently monitor and keep records of your overall oral health.
    • Reduce your intake of sweet and starchy foods as these enhance the development of plaque. On the other hand, increase your intake of tooth-friendly foods like produce rich in fiber, olive oil, green tea, sugarless chewing gum, cheese, and milk.

      Receive Oral Cancer Screenings

      While you’re at greater risk for oral cancer if you have a family history of the disease, anyone can develop oral cancer at any age. This is why physical examinations are so important, to catch oral cancer before it can become life-threatening. During your dental exam, your dentist will conduct a physical examination of your jaw and mouth to check for lip or oral cavity cancers. They may also take an x-ray of your mouth to check for any irregularities.

      Reduce The Risk of Tooth Decay

      Cavities happen. When your chew food and drink beverages, your saliva mixes with the sugars and carbohydrates of what you’re eating to create plaque. Plaque occurs when saliva mixes with carbohydrates and bacteria, creating this sticky film-like substance. This sticky film clings to your teeth and turns into tartar within just 24 hours. Bad bacteria feed on the sugars and carbohydrates in your teeth, and the acids these bacteria produce wear away at your enamel. Your enamel is the protective layer of your teeth, and once your enamel is worn away it puts you at greater risk for tooth decay. Your dentist will check for cavities and any risk for tooth decay you may have. They may recommend fillings to clear the decay away and to protect the health of your teeth.

      Schedule Your Dental Cleaning Today

      Routine dental cleanings are important because, while brushing and flossing regularly will help keep cavities and oral diseases at bay, you may miss an issue. With routine cleaning, your dentist can catch any developing cavities before they get out of hand, help prevent loss of teeth, give you fresh breath, and save you money that you would have otherwise used to treat dental issues. Make sure to follow your dental schedule well, and your teeth will stay bright and healthy.

      Use a Plaque Fighting Dental Gel Between Dentist Visits

      Traditional toothpaste removes plaque by scrubbing teeth with abrasives and detergents. However, these ingredients are only marginally effective. It is actually the toothbrush doing most of the work.

      Brushing with traditional toothpaste which primarily relies on scrubbing, makes it nearly impossible to clean hard-to-reach areas, including near the gums, in-between teeth, and in the nooks and crannies of our mouth.

      90% of American adults that suffer from gum health issues. At LIVFRESH we believe that a clean mouth is a healthy mouth, and we hope to use our patented formulation to provide the cleanest possible mouth to all those who use our revolutionary Activated Edathamil technology.

      LIVFRESH Dental Gel uses ACTIVATED EDATHAMIL, a patented formulation that breaks down existing plaque and provides a deep, long-lasting clean. It is no wonder our dental gel is recommended by researchers, dentists, and key opinion leaders.

      Schedule your dental appointment and contact us today to learn how our dental gel can help improve your oral health.