LIVFRESH Dental Gel is like a professional cleaning every time you brush.

  • LIVFRESH Wintergreen Dental Gel

    LIVFRESH Wintergreen

    Using a special foaming action and a burst of Wintergreen flavor, LIVFRESH removes plaque 250% better. LIVFRESH uses 100% edible ingredients to eliminate bad breath and prevent tartar formation strengthen… Learn More

  • LIVFRESH Peppermint Dental Gel

    LIVFRESH Peppermint

    Formerly Livionex Dental Gel & the LIVFRESH Pump, LIVFRESH Peppermint uses the same formulation as its predecessors. Using a non-foaming action and a burst of Peppermint flavor , LIVFRESH removes… Learn More

  • LIVFRESH Mild Peppermint Dental Gel

    LIVFRESH Mild Peppermint

    Formerly LIVFREE, LIVFRESH Mild Peppermint uses the same color-free formulation as its predecessor. Using a non-foaming action and a tinge of Mild Peppermint flavor, LIVFRESH removes plaque 250% better. L… Learn More




Mobile Whitening System

Blending science and luxury with a premium experience.

  • LIVFRESH Mobile Whitening System

    Mobile Whitening System

    Specially formulated for rapid whitening results, LIVFRESH Mobile Whitening System provides a soothing yet effective solution to whiten all of your teeth, even the most sensitive ones. Our proprietary formula features a unique blend of Learn More

  • LIVFRESH Coconut Whitening Strips

    Coconut Whitening Strips

    Crafted with dentists, LIVFRESH Teeth Whitening Strips blend traditional whitening with our unique oil pulling technology to help you remove years of stains. Designed for ease of use, our strips preserve … Learn More

  • LIVFRESH Whitening System Pen Refill

    LIVFRESH Whitening System Pen Refill

    LIVFRESH Whitening Pens are the POWERHOUSE of the Mobile Whitening System! Achieve Up To 8 Shades Whiter Teeth Whitens In As Little As 10 Min Each Day Specially Formulated For All Teeth, Including Se… Learn More