Many LIVFRESH users ask us why we created our Mild Peppermint Dental Gel when we already have a peppermint flavor.

To be honest, we make ZERO money on the mild peppermint flavor. We make it because it helps people, and our mission is to serve people regardless of the cost.

We created this product because we wanted to provide a solution to underserved audiences. All ingredients are 100% edible and safe for all ages. We often hear how Mild Peppermint has increased users' quality of life. They cannot use traditional toothpaste due to the harsh and abrasive ingredients.

  • Adults and children with autism and sensory processing disorder use our dye-free dental gel.
  • Cancer patients undergoing chemo use it as well because it is gentle on their compromised systems.
  • People with severe and painful gum disease have told us they benefit from its gentleness.

Mild Peppermint Dental Gel provides these people with a clinically proven way to keep their teeth clean while also meeting their very specific needs.

Some things are bigger than business and making a profit. We feel that producing Mild Peppermint is the right thing to do, and we plan to continue to do so.

Since we launched LIVFRESH, we have done extensive philanthropic work, donating nearly $1 million worth of product to charities. Most recently, we partnered with Project Glimmer to donate over $450,000 worth of product to teenage girls in need. This news was covered by CBS in January 2022. 

As a Company, we are focused on social good, donating a tube of LivFresh to someone in need for every purchase. Thank you to all of our loyal customers. We would not be able to give back to society without your continued support!